READY FOR Conditioning?

What is Conditioning?

Our conditioning classes are a combination of interval based, high intensity circuits focusing on targeting all areas of fitness. We incorporate in lots of body weight movements, plyometric, cardio, boxing and skill based work with a great deal of importance placed on core strength and conditioning too.

The facility and equipment here at RMA allows for a constant variance of movements and exercises practices so the individual’s body is always guessing what’s next! There is no easy “workout” in a conditioning class!

Our classes are run in a group environment and have a large emphasis on partner work or team work. This is a great way to motivate individuals so that they push each other as well as making friends with like-minded people.

The experience the Coaches bring to the conditioning classes enables them to look at workouts differently to an average trainer. It’s for this very reason we have competitive athletes of all backgrounds use our conditioning classes to “build their engine” before a fight or game.