Our Service

Our experienced Coaches individually design and supervise a physical rehabilitation program onsite at RMA. The facility caters for all individual needs big or small.

We use industry level techniques and practices. We will guide you through the program so you will reach the highest level of physical function and give you the advice and guidance to continually improve.

We have worked closely over the years with some of the best Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Doctors and modern day Movement Practitioners in order to catalogue the most effective methods and approaches for rehabilitation and prehab protocols. We have a deep understanding of the human body, human movement and the complete physical connection.


About Rehab

Rehab is paramount for an individual needing to restore the health and functional abilities after acute or chronic, short term and long term injuries. Movement is always the key, but what do you do and where do you go? Most industry professionals will advise complete rest, stay home and do not do anything! This is unfortunately a standard approach nowadays Our approach is completely different.. MOVEMENT is the key!


Before Surgery

Research suggests engaging in a rehab/prehab program before surgery is just as crucial as rehab after surgery. Pre-surgery rehab involves conditioning of the body, maximising range of motion, through movement and training, before it undergoes physical stress. An example of this is joint replacement surgery. Studies suggest that functional ability of the knee after surgery is strongly dependent on its functional ability before the surgery.



Our goal during your post-surgical rehabilitation is to return you to your prior level of physical function. This includes successful return to your work, recreational activities, and competitive sports.

What’s involved again is movement, although minor and limited we work on how much the body can take each day to get you rehabilitated.


About PreHab (Preventative Rehabilitation)

Do you have any old injuries? Known dysfunctions or are really week on one side of your body? When you play sport or workout do you notice how unbalanced you are? PreHab is what you need – it reduces the risk of an onset of an injury in known cases of an individual.


Why Rehab with us? 

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality support, programming and service to ensure each and every individual obtains the highest level rehabilitation. We have worked with some of the Industries best and brightest and learnt from them along the way.

We talk the talk and walk the walk. Meaning, as athletes as well as coaches we’ve had had our fair share on injuries and setbacks, it’s a part of life. At each point where we need to step back and assess an injury we have been able to continue moving and training whilst rehabilitating ourselves. With this direct experience we know we can empathise and know completely where an individual is coming from. We have never had a case where we were unable to help, assist or rehabilitate an individual.






Tarek – Professional MMA Athlete

What was the injury? how did it happen?

I tore my ACL completely in a professional MMA fight. It was a complete rupture and the meniscus half ruptured too.

What did the doctors say/do? What processes did you go through?

I was put into the very capable hands of Dr. Tarek Gherbal who offered me a great deal of help 3 days post-surgery. We started by rapidly reducing my swelling with electro stimulation. We then went into a post-surgery strength and conditioning program with the help of Kaveh and Marco from Revolute Movement Academy.

The program we went through was for 8 weeks. The emphasis was focused around getting me back on my feet, moving, and then starting to strengthen my knee and the muscles supporting it whilst not losing strength in other areas of my athletic ability. They knew I wanted to be back in the cage as soon as possible to make up for my loss due to the injury.

How do/did you feel after going through our rehab program and training with us?

Week on week my strength was increasing as was my mobility, which the DR and the Coaches emphasised on the most. Things I could not do like jumping or deep squats were no longer an issue. The guys maintained constant contact with me and were really knowledgeable so I knew I was in good hands!



Zlatan – fit and active Male.

What was the injury? How did it happen?

Large disc herniation at L5/S1 with severe compression of the left S1 nerve root.

Due to a combination of manual labour,poor flexibility and lifting weights.

What did the doctors say/do? What processes did you go through?

The doctors were overly grim, and advised me that this would be a lifelong chronic condition and that I should avoid strenuous exercise and lifting heavy weights.

I went through the process of undergoing physio and ostheo treatments, which did help but at the end of the treatments I was basically on my own. I didn’t want to stop exercising but didn’t want the problem to flare up again or get worse.

How do/did you feel after going through our rehab program and training with us?

My sister who also trains at RMA recommended that I come in and have a chat with Kaveh and he suggested a 3 month program which initially consisted of one on one training sessions and then group classes, and yoga classes with the occasional one on one session to track and monitor progress.

The training was very well thoughtout and was progressively made more challenging as my condition improved. Towards the end of it I felt like I never had a condition to begin with.




Sahar Hijazi – CrossFit Mum

What was the injury? how did it happen?

Sahar: I had a car accident in 2002 and injured my neck, shoulder, chest and lower back. I later found out that the l5/s1 disc had crumbled and had damaged my nerve.

How did you feel?

Sahar: The period from 2002 up until my surgery in 2008 was the worst time of my life. I was in constant, excruciating pain that affected my work and social life and resulted in anxiety.

What did the doctors say/do? What processes did you go through?

Sahar: I saw about 3 orthopaedic surgeons before I found a doctor I was happy with. I tried absolutely everything before finally having my total disc replacement surgery. Some of the treatments included: ongoing physio, chiro, remedial massages, pain management doctors, two cortisone injections in the spine, acupuncture, and lots and lots of pain medication.

How do/did you feel after going through our rehab program and training with us?

Sahar: I’ve tried many things to help improve my back pain and nothing has worked as well as this program. I was scared to start but with the support of the coaches I was able to push past my fears and I have never felt better. My biggest fear has always been having to go through the same back pain I had before and for the first time since my accident I don’t think about the pain anymore. I feel strong, healthy and happy. Now I believe I can keep pushing myself to new limits.

How would you rate the RMA rehab program, with reference to the professional and medical process you undertook

Sahar: I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone who is currently seeing a doctor for any type of injury. It has changed my life for the better.