RMA also offers first class one on one personal training sessions with our experienced and professional coaches as well as personalised programming. These services available caters for every type of individual whether you are new to CrossFit or a seasoned athlete!
The type of services we cover for are:

  • Movement Specifics and Technique Development
  • Metcon Capacity Work
  • Loaded Progressive Mobility Work

Movement Specifics and Technique Development: Our most used services to date. For Individuals who would like extra work with movements such as Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Locomotion movements etc.


Metcon Capacity Work: For those individuals seeking improvement in VO2 max levels, quick recovery time and engine based performaces.


Loaded Progressive Mobility: Strength in being mobile! Focus on increasing range and mobility in areas individuals cannot open up or get to which interferes with movements whilst training. Joint and Ligament preparation included.


What is Personal Training?

The general and historical way of being one on one with an RMA Coach focusing on specifics outlined above.

What is Personalised Programming?

Training with the main classes on a separate program catered towards your objectives and goals.



Head Coach $150/hr

Lead Coach $100/hr

Coach $80//hr